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elenwe's Journal

Lady Elenwe
31 July
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I died crossing the Helcaraxe (grinding ice) during the exile of the Noldor, leaving my husband turgon to raise little idril all alone while I had a long sleep in the halls of Mandos.

Feeling much better now, though I still get the occasional shiver, and I don't like my drinks on the rocks.

I'm told Turgon and I left quite a legacy, my daughter Idril's child was Earendil the mariner, even I've heard of him, and I don't get out much lately. Then there are his sons, Elrond, who has grown up to be quite a spiffy Elf Lord and Loremaster, and Elros, who chose to be a mortal and was the first King of Numenor. Well, the less said about that the better, I'm sure he's still a lovely boy.

Other assorted relations include Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, and all of Elros's great big line of descendants. Those humans breed far too quickly to keep track. I believe Aragorn is one of the most current of his line.

I only get two mentions in the Silmarillion, and it doesn't even say how totally pretty I am! I feel cheated. Any time anyone does want to write a story about me, they are quite welcome. I like stories.I also like cocktails (no ice),loud music, and men in armour.