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all that jazz.

Needing more than my staid housewife to a former crater king existance, I ran away to Vegas and became a showgirl.

I mastered the art of going 'step, together, step, kick' while dressed in a spangly leotard, and picked up an even bigger alcohol problem.

I murdered someone, went to jail, dabbled in lesbianism with another jailed showgirl, then went on the road with our two elf act.

Or I might possibly have been having unusual dreams after eating too close to bedtime.

Anyway. Yes. I'm back. Who knows how long this will last. Did my husband fall in the void yet? He always was accident prone. Add to that the possibility that his Father or Brother might have 'accidentally' pushed him, and well, the odds are on that he's gone. ::sighs:: I wonder if he took the dancing pants.

But I'm still back. And safe in the knowledge that I look hot in spangles.
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