Lady Elenwe (elenwe) wrote,
Lady Elenwe

Is Perfectly Calm

Elenwe calmly walks down to the lobby of the Dee-luxe Motel Gondor, resisting the urge to punch any walls, guests or bell-hops on the way. She calmly approaches the reception and calmly books a single room. Calmly, Elenwe takes her keys and finds her new suite. Once there, she very calmly raids the mini bar.

For the record. Idril, I love you, even if I think you broke me with your yoga. Earendil, I love you, and do look after yourself while you're doing all the voyaging and stuff. Elros, I love you, well done for taking such good care of your library. Elrond, I love you, and and I'm sure you have, had, will have a very lovely guest house. I also adore all of both of your innumerable descendants, even the dead ones.

I think I have a very lovely family, who are all wonderful in their own way, and I am very grateful to the people who didn't kill them along the way.
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