Lady Elenwe (elenwe) wrote,
Lady Elenwe


I love my husband. I'm not going to sit here and eulogise about it or anything, but you all should be fucking jealous. That is all.

He's organising some family reunion. Because of the whole week to live thing. I don't think he's mentioned this to idril yet, but I'm sure she can fit a few more people in the house somewhere. I'm not sure if the invite was for the whole of the house of Finwe, or just the Fingolfin clan, but no one will be turned away if they want to come. Particularly if you come bearing alcohol cookies.

I think Fingon rsvp'd. Of all the insane bunch in laws, he's the one that most intimidates me I know least, being that he seems to be the poster boy for misogyny we never had much of a chance to chat before.

Ahh well, maybe all my opinions will change, soon. It should be an interesting event, anyway.
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