Lady Elenwe (elenwe) wrote,
Lady Elenwe

Ooc... A little help.

Hokay kids, help a lady out.
How do you go about getting yourself into a storyline here? You know, without barging in and stomping all over everyone else to get noticed? I'm an email rpg regular, recently started fanficcing, and would like to get in on some of the action here, cause it looks like a spanish soap opera fun.
Oh also, it seems my short lived husband turgon is up for adoption already. His mun is accepting offers and I can at least guarantee you a chatty wife.
Lastly, if you've not got bored and quit reading yet, is anyone currently using icons of Sid Vicious, Marc Bolan, Bob Dylan, Will young or Robbie Williams? I'm considering founding a male puppet too, if I find one available.
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