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So, I believe the one on top in the top picture would be the most recent of my great grandson Elros's line.

And the one with the veiny muscles and the tiara in the bottom picture would be my great grandson Elrond.


Having very nice time with idril. Am a little worried that her husband spends more of their money on Ulmo than her. I mean, I'm sure Ulmo has lots of people to spend money on him. Idril is very pretty, (obviously, being my child) and I think she deserves a little more attention.

Speaking of, still waiting for turgon to put in an appearance. Waits......looks at watch.......waits.......taps toes........waits......drums fingers to the tune of the lone ranger.......waits.....goes to have breakfast.....

Oh, Denethor says I am on his list. Am hoping this means his xmas card list.
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