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Lady Elenwe's Journal

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
12:02 pm
*bellows loud enough to be heard in the void*


What the.....?

current mood: I preferred her when she was a buddhist.

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Monday, May 12th, 2003
3:51 am

Just thought I'd stop by and stare at idril for no reason whatsoever.

*glances at watch*


current mood: Staring.

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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
6:55 am - all that jazz.
Needing more than my staid housewife to a former crater king existance, I ran away to Vegas and became a showgirl.

I mastered the art of going 'step, together, step, kick' while dressed in a spangly leotard, and picked up an even bigger alcohol problem.

I murdered someone, went to jail, dabbled in lesbianism with another jailed showgirl, then went on the road with our two elf act.

Or I might possibly have been having unusual dreams after eating too close to bedtime.

Anyway. Yes. I'm back. Who knows how long this will last. Did my husband fall in the void yet? He always was accident prone. Add to that the possibility that his Father or Brother might have 'accidentally' pushed him, and well, the odds are on that he's gone. ::sighs:: I wonder if he took the dancing pants.

But I'm still back. And safe in the knowledge that I look hot in spangles.

current mood: pretty

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Friday, August 16th, 2002
5:07 pm
*snores...drools....murmers in her sleep...yawns....stretches...blinks...wakes*

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Sunday, June 30th, 2002
10:33 pm
There was an old man called Michael Finnegan
He grew whiskers on his chinegan
The wind came out and blew then in again.
Poor old Michael Finnegan, begin again.


current mood: going slowly insane

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Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
10:30 pm
Um, Elenwemun has a funeral to deal with, so it'll be all quiet on the puppet front for a couple days I guess.
Drag her around, use her as a hatstand, just dont let her get eaten or anything.

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Friday, June 21st, 2002
12:00 pm
So, apparently, since my husband is prettier than his brother, I now have a slave for a week.
I'm not quite sure how that worked out, I hear Turgon and Fingon discussing slavery and beauty contests and I tend to duck out of the room, fingers in my ears. It's really the only way to preserve my sanity.
Slave sounds a little overly kinky, doesnt it. I think I'll have to call him a maid. Yes, that's much better.
I suppose we will have to go to Lindon, as Fingon is busy poncing around with his big shiney sword protecting it. Though, honestly, I don't really know what I'm going to make him do. Turgon's the one used to having servants, I died before all that royalty stuff. Not bitter. Not bitter at all. I certainly don't want him to cook.
Ahh well, at least I know what maids wear.

Don't worry, Fingon, I'll bring the outfit to Lindon for you. I'm a generous soul.
We'll catch the Gondor ---> Lindon express this afternoon.

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
11:03 pm - Just Doing My Marital Duty.
No, not that marital duty. My husband and his brother are having a Beauty contest. I don't know why, but I was bored, so I got out the scissors and the family album.

You see you have to vote for Turgon, because otherwise I will be stuck with a pouting, whining three year old on my hands. He has been known to sulk for weeks. So please, for my sake....

current mood: creative

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Monday, June 17th, 2002
3:10 am - Is Perfectly Calm
Elenwe calmly walks down to the lobby of the Dee-luxe Motel Gondor, resisting the urge to punch any walls, guests or bell-hops on the way. She calmly approaches the reception and calmly books a single room. Calmly, Elenwe takes her keys and finds her new suite. Once there, she very calmly raids the mini bar.

For the record. Idril, I love you, even if I think you broke me with your yoga. Earendil, I love you, and do look after yourself while you're doing all the voyaging and stuff. Elros, I love you, well done for taking such good care of your library. Elrond, I love you, and and I'm sure you have, had, will have a very lovely guest house. I also adore all of both of your innumerable descendants, even the dead ones.

I think I have a very lovely family, who are all wonderful in their own way, and I am very grateful to the people who didn't kill them along the way.

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Saturday, June 15th, 2002
2:18 am
My husband.

I am so proud.

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Friday, June 14th, 2002
11:41 pm - Just to say
Rumours of my demise have been vastly over exaggerated.

((fucking hackers))

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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
11:01 pm
Oh Bugger.

Bugger it all. I don't even remember being a child the first time. All that comes to mind are vague recollections of needing to pee all the time, being too small to go on any of the good rides, and a feeling of frustration at having to go to bed before dark.

I need a drink. And not a juice box.

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9:55 pm

Turgon is screaming at me.

Turgon is calling me a smelly girl with cooties.

Turgon is about 3 feet tall.

I am carrying Turgon under my arm.

Turgon is kicking me.

It hurts.

No, Turgon....you can't call me mummy.

Well, because I'd really prefer that you didn't

It would just make me a little uncomfortable....

Because it would.

Because I'm not your mummy.

Because I'm your....special friend.

Because I just am.

Turgon, if you don't stop asking why, I am going to choke you.

Yes I could.

No, you don't have super powers.

Yes, maybe when you grow up.

You're sleepy?

I don't know any lullabyes.....

Oh Eru.

*Elenwe settles her tiny little husband down amidst some nice cosy tree roots, promises she won't try to kiss him, and tries to recall a lullabye. All she recalls is how glad she is to have died before her daughter reached this age.*

Okay, a lullabye.


Mary had a little lamb Her father shot it dead. Now it goes to school with her, between two chunks of bread.


Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, her clothes all tattered and torn. It wasn't the spider that crept beside her, But Little Boy Blue and his horn.

Oh Eru....just go and play with Fingon.

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Sunday, June 9th, 2002
12:01 pm
My husband has taken a vow of celibacy. Hmm.

I'm not even going to comment.

In a few hours I'll be leaving for Gondor. It's something to do. I'm packing now, and then I'll say goodbye to Idril and Tuor. I really has been nice seeing them, especially Idril, I'm so proud of her, and I'll miss her, but I'm sure it won't be long before I see her again.

I'm not sure if he's coming with me, now...... maybe I repulse him or something.


current mood: apathetic

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Friday, June 7th, 2002
10:34 am

Grrr, why does Turgon have to breathe so fucking loudly?

......I think I have carrot cake in my hair.

current mood: hungover

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Thursday, June 6th, 2002
9:13 am
I have spent the morning cleaning, so that whoever shows up to this reunion later can tread dirt all over nice clean carpets. Later I will make perfect finger sandwiches that I expect everyone will ignore in favour of the chips n dips and cupcakes.

I'm not entirely sure who exactly will be coming.
Elanor and Gigi R.S.V.P'd ages ago,
Fingon should be here, either with a couple of ringwraiths, or Danielle. Either or both of those combinations are of course welcome.
I invited Anaire, as she will be in the area, but I don't know if she will be able to make it.
Idril and Tuor, of course, although I havn't seen much of Idril recently, perhaps she's out with Tuor, polishing his gifts for Ulmo.

Anyone else who has nothing better to do is in the area, is welcome to drop by.

I only hope we have enough angst to go around. I hear angst is a chief requirement for a Middle Earth reunion. I thought we could probably rely on Fingon to cover all bases on that front, but even he seems in a good mood.

Maybe this gathering will buck the trend. I know I have nothing to be angsty about. No problems whatsoever. Oh, except that I can't make my stupid laptop do the dots over the last e in my name. Yeah, that blows.

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002
8:17 am - Damn.
I love my husband. I'm not going to sit here and eulogise about it or anything, but you all should be fucking jealous. That is all.

He's organising some family reunion. Because of the whole week to live thing. I don't think he's mentioned this to idril yet, but I'm sure she can fit a few more people in the house somewhere. I'm not sure if the invite was for the whole of the house of Finwe, or just the Fingolfin clan, but no one will be turned away if they want to come. Particularly if you come bearing alcohol cookies.

I think Fingon rsvp'd. Of all the insane bunch in laws, he's the one that most intimidates me I know least, being that he seems to be the poster boy for misogyny we never had much of a chance to chat before.

Ahh well, maybe all my opinions will change, soon. It should be an interesting event, anyway.

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Monday, June 3rd, 2002
7:48 pm - Ooc... A little help.
Hokay kids, help a lady out.
How do you go about getting yourself into a storyline here? You know, without barging in and stomping all over everyone else to get noticed? I'm an email rpg regular, recently started fanficcing, and would like to get in on some of the action here, cause it looks like a spanish soap opera fun.
Oh also, it seems my short lived husband turgon is up for adoption already. His mun is accepting offers and I can at least guarantee you a chatty wife.
Lastly, if you've not got bored and quit reading yet, is anyone currently using icons of Sid Vicious, Marc Bolan, Bob Dylan, Will young or Robbie Williams? I'm considering founding a male puppet too, if I find one available.

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10:38 am - Hmmm.
So, I believe the one on top in the top picture would be the most recent of my great grandson Elros's line.

And the one with the veiny muscles and the tiara in the bottom picture would be my great grandson Elrond.


Having very nice time with idril. Am a little worried that her husband spends more of their money on Ulmo than her. I mean, I'm sure Ulmo has lots of people to spend money on him. Idril is very pretty, (obviously, being my child) and I think she deserves a little more attention.

Speaking of, still waiting for turgon to put in an appearance. Waits......looks at watch.......waits.......taps toes........waits......drums fingers to the tune of the lone ranger.......waits.....goes to have breakfast.....

Oh, Denethor says I am on his list. Am hoping this means his xmas card list.

current mood: curious

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2002
7:50 pm - We are fa-mi-lee
I have to say how lovely it is to have my little family back together after so much time! idril has grown up into a beautiful young elf, and I hope to meet her human soon.
I hope she likes the slippers and the fruit-basket I brought her.
Her little house is lovely, and has a very nice sea view.
And turgon is on his way over for a seven day soujourn from Mandos.
Ahh, it will be just like the old days, before all the kinslaying and being exiled and dying and stuff.

current mood: sickly sweet

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